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  • Product name: Decorative Fiberglass Mat Z-ZSM
  • Product Number: 13
  • Added time: 2011-06-10
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Choose the high density E-fiberglass mat as the basic materials, made from sizing、knifing、drying, with excellent extension 、exquisite appearance、clean surface、good dimension stability、low elongation、high tensile strength、no-ignitable、no-mouldy 、moistureproof、ventilate、sound absorption and noise reduction, So it can be used as the facing materials of indoor wall、ceiling.

Covering rock wool 、mineral wool and glass wool, guarantee sound absorption effect and air permeability of wool board.

Type: Z-ZSM



Color: white                      


Weight: 200g/㎡


Product Features:



★ Dimension stability、anti-cracking、anti-scaling

★ No-ignitable、no-mouldy、waterproof

★ Sound absorption and noise reduction

Product Application:

★ Ceiling facing

 Wall facing