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  • Product name: Filter Mat Z-GM
  • Product Number: 10
  • Added time: 2011-06-10
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  Glassfiber and polyester fiber wet process mat use E-glass、C-glass and PET material . having good chemical stability、air permeability , the filter felt can be used as carrier of adsorbing water-solubility (oiliness) biochemistry reagent, it is also used in strainer. To filter、separate 、cleansing producers' goods.

  Widely used for gas 、liquid filtering of industry、commerce、civil and clean project, such as air-condition、refrigerating system、high temperature industrial environment 、gas-engine、compression engine、pharmacy 、food、hospital、chemical industry and national defence. Have filter mat of fiberglass、synthetic、compound type.

  Type : Z-GM

  Weight : 20g/㎡-120g/㎡

  Width : 600mm-1200mm(other specifications can be produced according to the customer's requirement)

  Product Features:

  ★ Good chemical stability

  ★ Strong air permeability

  Product Application:

  ★ Filtering 、cleansing of air and liquid