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  • Product name: Floor Mat Z-EDM
  • Product Number: 18
  • Added time: 2011-06-10
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  Z-EDM series with the perfect performance : excellent dimensional stability , low elongation,high tensile strength, indeformable ,、non-ignitable、non-mildewed 、non-bibulous, at high temperature.

  Mainly used as base material of plastic floor and wallpaper, the flexible plastic floor made form EDM is smooth, not contraction distortion and bright-colored, it is ideal material of decorating floor. It is the ideal material of decorating high-grade hotel and restaurant after further processed.

  Type : Z-EDM

  Weight : 30g/㎡-60g/㎡

  Width: 2100mm(other specifications can be produced according to the customer's requirement)

  Product Features:

  ★ Thickness uniformity ,good dimensional stability

  ★ Indeformable at high temperature, non-mildewed, non-warping

  ★ Easy dipping

  Product Application:

  ★ Base material of rubber and plastic floor and wallpaper leatheroid

  ★ Sport floor, business floor