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  • Product name: Engineering Anti-cracking Cloth Z-FLB
  • Product Number: 11
  • Added time: 2011-06-10
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  Z-FLB is the composite fiber mat which is composited chemical fiber of high strength high corrosion resistance and E fiberglass ,using environment-friendly adhesive. The feature is dimension stability, low elongation, high tensile strength, flexibility and lightweight, thermostability and anti-fatigue cracking . It can enhance shear strength and surface toughness , ensure extending project's service life .

  As good varicosity, easy osmosis, scour resistance and tear resistance , it has long corrosion resistance to all kinds of medium in geology and moisture.

  Type : Z-FLB

  Weight : 120g-200g/㎡

  Width :1000mm-2100mm (other specifications can be produced according to the customer's requirement)

  Product Features:

  ★ Light and high strength 、tear-resistance

  ★ Good varicosity

  ★ Wear well、stable quality

  ★ Easy shear and shaping 、dimensional stability

  Product Application:

  ★ Road and railway construction

  ★ Bund reinforce and water conservancy project

  ★ Civil engineering of industry and residence

  ★ Sight 、gardening and sports facility