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  • Product name: Black Fiberglass Blanket
  • Product Number: 12
  • Added time: 2011-06-10
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  Z-BQT is a fiber glass insulation quilt of half-hard, It's fiber glass is well-distributed ,smooth surface, uniform thickness. It has good insulation, heat proof, fire resistance and easy tailor, and it doesn't produce volatile matter at high temperature.

  Type : Z-BQT

  Weight : 120g/㎡-800g/㎡

  Specification: coils or piece


  Width:50mm-2000mm (other specifications can be produced according to the customer’s requirement)

  Color: white, black, gray

  Product Performance:

  ★ Fiberglass well-distributed, smooth surface, uniform thickness

  ★ Insulation, anti-high temperature , fireproofing, heat-insulation and fire-resistant

  ★ Sound absorption, dustproof

  ★ Easily tailor


  ★ Electrical equipment, machinery equipment lighting equipment

  ★ Heat insulation in the heating device

  ★ Heating and ventilating equipment

  ★ Heat insulation and fire-resistant in decorative of illuminator

  ★ Insulation and heat protecting of home appliances