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The types and application of glass fiber mat

Date:2015年8月3日 18:19

  Roofing felt: for modified asphalt waterproofing materials, color asphalt waterproof material such as base material.

  Pipeline felt: coating used in petroleum, natural gas pipeline, combine with asphalt to prevent underground pipeline corrosion.

  Surface mat, glass fiber reinforced plastic products of the shape and surface polishing.

  Cover blanket: can be used for wall and ceiling, can prevent craze, orange peel of paint, used for decoration of large conference room, luxury hotels.

  The floor mat: as base material for PVC floor.

  The carpet mat: used as the base material of square carpets.

  Copper clad felt: attached with copper clad can enhance its impact, drilling performance.

  Battery separator mat: used for aluminum acid battery separator mat base material.

  Filter felt, used for air filtration.

  Moisturizing moisturizing felt: as a flower.

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