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New Jobs


  1, sales commissioner,

  Requirement: male, 23-40 years old, to adapt to business trip, can the independent sales, customer development, experience is preferred.

  Salary: basic salary + commission + irresponsibility

  Apply for: carry id original, personal resume

  2, operator

  Requirement: male, 18 to 45 one full year of life, body health

  Salary: basic salary + efficiency wages

  Application: carry id original

  3, senior talents

  Major: mechanical, automation, network operations, electrician

  Salary: generous, negotiable

  Application: carry id original, personal resume, education certificate, can receive fresh graduates.


  Telephone: 0371-22938019

  Phone: 15103786207

  Fax: 0371-22938016

  Address: kaifeng yu queen cell area northing new pharmaceutical factory on the south east road 100 meters.