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China's glass fiber industry scale ranks first in the world

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  Mention of glass , most people probably think of is a hard breakable objects are not suitable as a structural material . But once it becomes drawn into wire after glass fiber , the result is completely different . The so-called glass fiber ( fiberglass ) , is a high performance inorganic non-metallic materials . It is made ​​of molten glass, very fine fibers , with insulation , heat resistance , good corrosion resistance , high mechanical strength, a number of advantages . At present, China 's ordinary glass fiber products have reached international level of similar products , whether manufacturing or manufacturing processes , as well as glass production equipment , have been comparable with foreign top- level , product quality is also excellent . China's glass fiber industry (continuous glass fiber ) started in 1958, the imitation of the former Soviet Union crucible method of production , annual output of reform and opening up the world's No. 7 , has now risen to the world.

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