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2011 China's fiberglass industry into prime time

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  Kaifeng City Sinoma new building materials limited liabilityDownstream be glass fiber industry trend of China -related shares China Construction Fiberglass 28.00 +0.682.49 % 3.60 % find a wide range of glass fiber +0.010.28 is an important inorganic non-metallic composite materials , high temperature, corrosion resistance , strength high proportion of light and many other superior performance ,Widely used in construction, transportation , electrical and electronics, industrial equipment , shipbuilding , medical, marine development , aerospace , wind power and other high-tech industries,In the alternative steel, wood , cement and other materials in the traditional role has become increasingly evident . High-performance composite materials as an alternative to natural mineral , plant material is processed to form the future of industrial technology development trend , as the global economic competition and rapid development of science and technology , glass fiber has become the most growth of new materials .

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